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Some of the Salient Features are;

Modern curricula and teaching methodologies matching Global Standards with strong emphasis on not just 'learning ‘ but 'understanding', and learning by doing is envisaged by the Universty.

  • Highly experienced full-time/visiting faculty for all courses drawn from leading Management and Engineering Institutions from across the country and abroad.
  • A unique one-on-one student-mentoring program for all-round personality development.
  • Strong Industry Linkages - To impart rich hands-on experience with leading Corporates and Consultancies

Beyond the Curriculum

We believe that it is our responsibility to develop our students as professionals right on the campus while they are still students. The University considers the students as active partners in managing the University and its activities, such as conferences, guest lectures, seminars, placements, etc., and thus ensuring that they plan and take active role in the life of the University rather than remain passive recipients. The years that students spend at the campus are designed to be the most fulfilling years in their lives.

Social Responsibility

The University firmly believes that it has a major responsibility towards the society at large. Universities play the role of a catalyst for social change and contributes to Nation building. The University has set up Community Development Centre for organizing the activities, such as Blood Donation Camp on the campus, Plantation for green environment,supporting the disadvantaged children, etc. The curricula include courses to sensitize students with the needs of Indian society and their professional obligation as citizens of the country.

Co-curricular Activities

The students are encouraged to plan and organize various co-curricular activities, on their own with basic support from the University. Such an atmosphere inculcates in them the spirit of leadership and an understanding of several aspects of management and engineering education. They undertake such activities not merely for the learning value but also for the pleasure that comes with the experience of a job well done. The students recognize their talent and skills in the process and get inspired to develop themselves further. The students are also nominated to participate in co-curricular activities of other leading academic institutions. Efforts are being made to establish students’ chapters and regional centres of various professional bodies, managed by students under stewardship of the faculty members.

Academia – Industry Interface

One of the most important academia - industry interface that has been initiated is “Manthan” wherein the corporate executives from various domains converge on the University campus and share their views on the chosen theme pertaining to the latest trends in the Indian business arena. The professionals from well-known organisations are invited to address the students to initiate them into the emergent mantras of management and engineering world. It is the interface with reality that helps the students to cope with and stay ahead of changes.

Guest Lecture Series

The University is committed to organizing Distinguished Guest Lecture Series wherein eminent persons are invited to speak on the topics of contemporary interest. The lecture series will benefits the students, faculty and invitees as well.

Summits and Workshops

The University regularly organizes various summits on functional areas of Management, like Finance, Marketing and HR, addressed by academia, industry experts and enlightened government officials.


The functional area-wise clubs at the University fulfill the insatiable need of budding professionals for food for thought. The clubs meet weekly, and organize talks by guests and University's students followed by quizzes and interactive games.

Extra-curricular Activities

The University offers a wide scope for extra-curricular activities for the students. Such activities not only make the campus life vibrant but also act as a window to reach out to the management and engineering students across the country. Some of the students’ bodies are:

Cultural Committee

This committee essentially undertakes all the cultural activities at the campus in coordination with other clubs and committees. The committee organizes the events like Sabrang - the national techno-management fest, celebration of festivals like Durga puja, Deepawali, Holi, etc.

Sabrang - Techno-Management Fest

In this 'Techno-Management Fest', budding managers and technocrats from various institutes converge on the University campus and participate in a number of events/contests. The fest organizes competitions and provides the students an opportunity to showcase their technological and managerial creativity. It is an interface with the reality that helps the students to cope with and stay ahead of change.

Sports Committee

This committee organizes sports activities. Spardha, a sports meet once a year and different games and tournaments are held throughout the year on a regular basis. There is an active participation of faculty and staff, too.

The E-Cell

University has established its E-Cell (Entrepreneurship Cell) for inculcating the entrepreneurial skills among the students. Various Entrepreneurship Colloquiums and Seminars on different themes and student activities are held regularly.

Other Activities

Along with the grueling hard work, fun at the campus is a way of life, be it celebrating the Independence Day, organizing Shramdan, Teacher’s Day, Engineer’s Day, Summer Internship Project Contest or an excursion. Welcoming the new batch of students and bidding farewell to the graduating class are other occasions that students celebrate with great fanfare.