27th AIMS Annual Management Education Convention 2015 On MISSION MODE, PUBLIC POLICY AND STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVE: THE ROLE OF MANAGEMENT INSTITUTIONS, held from August 25-27, 2015 at Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidhyalaya-Indore, proved to be an effective platform for all stakeholders to introspect about the numerous challenges and dilemmas facing management schools across the globe. 

Day 1

Inaugural Session (11:00 am to 01:00 pm)

In his welcome address, during the Inaugural Session Dr. Upinder Dhar, President-AIMS and Vice Chancellor-Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya  emphasized that a systematic re-look is needed to assess the shortage on supply-side due to insufficient output of graduates from the institutions of higher learning. These numbers can be effectively increased by raising the actual output of graduates through qualitative improvements in priority skill areas. 

Shri Purushottamdas Pasari, Chancellor-Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya highlighted the need of skill development and quality of education 

The Inaugural Session was presided were by the Chief Guest, Dr A K Pandey, Chairman-Madhya Pradesh Private Universities Regulatory Commission, Guest of Honour, Mr Jagdish Verma, Chairman– iLEAD and Former Joint Managing Director, Kuber Lights Pvt Ltd, and Prof. Joe Philip, Founder President-AIMS. 

The prestigious Ravi J. Matthai National Fellow Awardwas conferred on Dr R.A. Mashelkar. In his acceptance speech, Dr. R. A. Mashelkar stated that Innovation is the answer to contemporary problems. On this occasion, illustrious past presidents of AIMS were also felicitated for their valuable contribution.

Mr. Jagdish Verma, Guest of Honor for Inaugural Session, focused on excellence and that the students need to be knowledgeable. He emphasized that education has to be the topmost priority of the policy makers of the government for being globally competitive and self reliant.

Chief Guest Dr. A. K Pandey appreciated the efforts of AIMS for the betterment of Management Education and expressed his concern for development of quality education system that could be beneficial for rural masses also. Words of thanks were proposed by Convention Director, Dr. R. K. Patra. 

Plenary Session–I (02:00 pm to 03:30 pm)

The sub-theme of the Plenary Session 1 was “New Vision of Nation Building: Collective Development through Collective Energy.”

The session was chaired by Prof. (Dr.) Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, WeSchool, Mumbai, and speakers were Dr. Charles M Wood, Professor of Marketing, University of Tulsa, United States; Dr. Davish Jain, Group Managing Director, Prestige Group of Industries, Indore; and Mr. N S Nirvan, President, Textile Association of India (M.P.) and MD, Texpert International, Dewas.

Dr.  Uday Salunkhe emphasized on nurturing the students as global leaders. He also raised the need for Bottom-Up and Top-Down approach for the education curriculum and further threw light on  ASK (Attitude, Skills and Knowledge) Model. He mentioned that “We is the new I” and “Walk to Talk” should be implemented as “Goodness cannot work in isolation”.

Dr. Davish Jain underlined the need of Linking Microminal strategies with Macrominal ones so that not only the industries but the workers and society at large should also be benefitted.

Dr. Charles M Wood was excited to be in India and explained US trends in Management Education. He illustrated that how India is very young, has great potential and the only thing that is required was  that India should have more of job generators than the job seekers.

Mr. N S Nirvan’s address was focused on bringing new public policies as some of the present ones act as barrier to Systematic Innovation.

Plenary Session-II (04:00 pm to 05:30 pm)

This session was based on “New Public Policy, Mission Mode Initiatives and Niti Ayog: Implications for Management Education”.

The session was chaired by Prof. Abad Ahmad, Chairman, Agha Khan Foundation and Former Pro-VC, Delhi University, and speakers were Dr. Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Director-IIM Indore, Mr. Bijoy Sahoo, President-HR, Reliance JioInfocom, Mumbai and Dr. Jeffrey Alderman, Executive Director, ACBSP, United States.

Dr. Abad Ahmad underlined the essence of the session to relate Policies, Mission Mode and transformations taking place in Management Education. He also drew attention towards Bottom Top approach being initiated by NITI AYOG. He said that transformation is needed at institutional as well as National levels to transform India.

In his address, Dr.  Rishikesha Krishnan touched upon Implications of Mission Mode and called attention to executionand getting things done. He also emphasized on project management and motivating people by recognition of performance.

Dr. Bijoy Sahoo suggested that the institutions should interact with the industries for their needs. He brought to notice that India has the problem of highest unemployed youth population and they need to be updated with the skills to resolve this problem.

Dr.  Jeffrey Alderman touched upon “Sustainability of the Modern Business Schools in India”and the policies and rules that are followed by ACBSP. He focused on creating new knowledge in the classroom and teaching excellence.

Finally, the session was concluded with the message that “Entrepreneurship is the answer to unemployment in India”. 


Plenary Session-III (09:30 am to 11:00 am)

Third plenary session of the Convention was on the sub-theme “Interface Between Government, Corporate and People for Good Governance and Development”. The session was chaired by Prof. Joe Philip, President-XIME and Former Director-IIM Bangalore, andspeakers were Dr. William S Parrot, Director, Strategic Alliances Peregrine Academic Services, United States and Mr. Sumit Gupta, Global Organic Textile Standards, Mumbai. Prof. Joe Philip summed up the session by highlighting the importance ofE-Governance as an answer to Corruption in corporate world.

Dr. William Parrot focused on leadership qualities and shared some traits for becoming a good leader. He brought to the notice of the audience that institutions are Afraid of Change and change is perceived as risk, but it is the time for the industries and institutions to face that fear and be innovative. They need to choose a unique path where they can contribute efficiently.

Mr. Sumit Gupta shared his experiences on the Use of Standards as a Sustainable Management Tool for interface between Government, Corporate and People for good governance and development. He introduced Value-based sustainability Management which is an integration of Environment Management, Social Management and Economic Management. He also clarified that how sustainable development is a key contributor to People, Profit and Planet. 

Plenary Session-IV(11:30 am to 01:00 pm)

The sub-theme for fourth session was “New Paradigms in Management: Mission Mode Approach” chaired by Prof. (Dr.) P.N. Mishra, Director-IMS, DAVV, Indore.The speakers were: Prof. S Sood, Joint Director, NIFT, Bhopal; Mr. R P Gautam, VP (Engg), Maral Overseas, Nimrani;and Padma Shri, Dr. Janak Palta, Director, Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development.

Prof. S Sood in his address emphasized thatSuccess in Management Requires Learning as Fast as World Is Changing and that Mirror Image of Failures Is Mantra of Success.

Mr. R P Gautam explained that most managers managed for yesterday’s conditions but management is about tomorrow, not yesterday. He also shared his practical experience of Management by Objectives concept in manufacturing units.

 Dr. Janak Palta shared her experiences and achievements in the area of sustainable development with the use of renewable and clean energy technology at affordable cost.

Prof. P. N. Mishra linked sustainable development with the Indian Tradition and teachings of Gita and Vedas. He suggested that management institutes must try to produce authentic and proud Indians first and “Don’t Change for Bad, Change for Good”.

Concurrent Scientific Sessions (02:00 pm to 03:30 pm)

Nearly 65 papers were accepted for the presentation. The papers were presented in 4 Concurrent Sessions. The Concurrent Sessions were organized on the following sub-themes:

¢  Performance Measurement and Control Systems

¢  Marketing Efficiency: An Indian Experience

¢  New Paradigms of Management

¢  Management Control and Improvement Systems

28 research papers were presented. The sessions were interactive and informative, and were chaired by Dr P Narayana Reddy (Bangalore), Dr Rattan Sharma (New-Delhi), Dr Subhash Sharma (Bangalore) and Dr. B Ramesh (Goa). These Sessions were followed by various award presentations (04:00 pm to 05:30 pm):

¢AIMS-JL Batra Best Research Paper Award

     Jury:Dr. Anil Rao Paila (Bangalore), Dr. R.Nandgopal (Coimbatore) and Dr. R. Sambandam (Mumbai).

¢AIMS-Best Student Paper Award

     Jury:Dr. B V Sangvikar (Pune) and Dr. Shalini Gupta (Mandi Gobindgarh)

¢AIMS-IMS Dr. Dharni P Sinha Social Responsibility Award

    Jury: Dr. L N Bhagat (Ranchi) and Dr.Shefali Gautam (Ghaziabad)

¢AIMS-WeSchool Innovation Award

    Jury: Dr. D Y Patil (Navi Mumbai), Dr. Parag Kalkar (Lonavala), Dr. Apoorva Palkar (Pune), and Mr.Sudhir Sharma (Meerut)

¢AIMS Case Writing and Presentation Award

    Jury: Dr. Neelu Rohmetra (Jammu), and Dr. Subhrangshu Sekhar Sarkar (Tezpur)

¢AIMS Annual Management Education Week

   Jury: Dr. Mohd. Masood Ahmed (Hyderabad) and Dr. Sujata Mongaraj (Bhubaneswar)

Plenary Session-V (09:30 am to 11:00 am)

Fifth Plenary Session was on the sub-theme “Performance Measurements, Management Control Systems and Enterprise Performance Improvement System” chaired by Prof. Shekhar Chaudhuri, Former Director, IIM Calcutta, Kolkata.

Dr. Ganesh Chandra Pandey, Chief General Manager, BSNL, M.P.emphasized on “Empowered Employee Social Pressure Approach to Debt Recovery” with Special reference to BSNL to explain that all initiatives are beautiful and good only if proper model is applied.

Dr. Amitava Sarkar, Director, IISWBM, Kolkatadeliberated on“Mission Mode and Strategic Perspective: The Role of Management Institutions”. He described the “Roles of Performance” and “Roles of Management” in Management Control Systems.

Dr. Prabhakar Bhat, President – TAI, Khandesh underlined the importance of Startups-companies working to solve a problem where success is not guaranteed. He explained how to start a startup, its scope and how the college startups are better.

Dr. Hemant Musrif, Deputy General Manager, Zonal Head, Bank of Maharashtra, Indore threw light on how performance can be managed by managing employees in a better way.

Valedictory Session (11:30 am to 01:30 pm)

This session was presided over by the Chief Guest, Dr N.P.Jain, Former Ambassador, Government of India to United Nations. In his address, Dr Upinder Dhar,

President- AIMS shared the achievements of Executive Board during his tenure. Ravi J Matthai National Fellow Award was conferred on Dr T.V.Rao, Chairman, T.V. Rao Learning Systems and Dr. Shefali Gautam, Director, Shiva Institute of Management Studies Ghaziabad.

The results of seven different Awards were declared in this session. Certificates and Medals were given away to the awardees by the Chief Guest. The winners of different awards were: 

AIMS-JL Batra Best Research Paper Award

Gold Medal - Dr Sarika Mahajan, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Bombay University, Mumbai.

Silver Medal - Dr N Vijaykumar/M Dharani Assistant Professors PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore.

 AIMS-Best Student Paper Award

Gold Medal - Sarwan Singh, Master School of Management, Meerut

Silver Medal - Aishwarya Mylaswami, PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore and Karti Aggrawal, Vishal Gaonkar, Rahul Singh, Priyanka Ghei - Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore.

AIMS-IMS Dr. Dharni P Sinha Social Responsibility Awardwas given to PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore.

 AIMS-WeSchool Innovation Award

Gold Medals

Institute Category: Dr. Dinesh D Harsolekar from IES Management College and Research Centre, Mumbai.

Faculty Category: Dr K.Sri Gayathridevi from PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore.

Student Category: Vania Baptista from Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Karla

 Silver Medals

Institute Category: Dr R.Svitha from GRG, School of Management Studies, Coimbatore.

Student Category: Vidisha Sawant from Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Karla.

 AIMS Case Writing and Presentation Award

Gold Medal was awarded to Dr. Surajit Ghosh Dastidar, Professor, IMT, Hyderabad.

AIMS Annual Management Education Week

Gold Medals were awarded to C. K. Shah, Institute of Management,Vadodara; Department of Management Studies, Kongu Engineering College, Coimbatore; and Masters School of Management, Meerut.

The report of 3-Days AIMS Convention was presented by Dr. Rajeev K. Shukla, and Words of Thanks were proposed by Convention Director, Dr. R. K. Patra.