(SHORT TERM GOALS)- 2013 – 2015

  • Library automation Library Software in place.
  • E-Library on 20 terminals in collaboration with Computer Engineering Department.
  • Subscription & membership of world’s renowned agencies, societies, digital Libraries.
  • Layout of collection 40000 books on shelf by 2014 year end.
  • Finding new library resources for research.
  • More quality Audio/Visual Resources.

 (LONG TERM GOALS)- 2011 – 2016

  • Implementation of web enables & Software well support based library information system.
  • Digital Library.
  • Complete automation of library.
  • Collaboration with the worlds famous library.

Library Facilities

The Library uses D.D.C. (21Ed.) for Classification.

It has an open access systems.

Books are searched through Lib Soft.

Photocopy facility available for Student / Staff in library premises.

Internet facility is available to Students / Staff. Type : ISP (M/s Khetan Cable Network – Radio Frequency Connection) Bandwidth: 1 Mbps. Topology : Star topology.

CD Writer, References Services.

Collaboration with DELNET & SAGE.

IEEE ASPP+POP Electronics Library Access Via Internet.

ACM Digital Library & Springer Access via Internet.

Visit :- 150 to 250 Users/ day

EBSCO – ELITE MBA Digital Library Access via Internet.