Department of Information Technology


Engineering & Technical Education is based on the practical approach in solving the problems, decision making, case studies and modelling for this institute has established several well equipped labs for engineering and applied services. There are all major labs to study the basic as well as applied specialized courses required for the Bachelor's Degree programme. Following labs are designed as per the requirements of the curriculum:

Sr. No. Name of Laboratories No. of Computer Machines
1 Major Project Lab 20
2 Web Devlopment Lab 15
3 Programming Lab 15
4 Distributed System lab 15
5 Big Data and Hadoop Lab 14
6 Software Enggineering Lab 14
7 Network and Cisco Lab 30
8 Red Hat Lab
9 Hardware Lab 15
10 Data Structure Lab 15
11 Object Oriented Technology Lab 15
12 Machine Learning Lab 15
13 Programming Lab IV