Department of Information Technology

PRAYATNA – Aspiring Dreams...

INTRODUCTION : PRAYATNA is a mission initiated by the CS and IT students of SVITS. The members of this committee are involved in social service for computer and english education in government schools. Our focus is on middle schools because we believe that when foundation is strong, future will be much stronger. The members go to government schools and teach them about computers and english through presentation, videos, animation etc. Games and other sort of competitions are also conducted among students and are awarded as per their performance. An interactive session is also conducted among students for personality development and etiquettes.

OUR MISSION : Prayatna works to provide the elementary education to the students of class 5th - 9th.The primary focus is to provide quality education in the areas of english and computer to make students compete in the real world.

OUR VISION : We believe that if you change a child's life, you change a family's, which can change a community, and ultimately, the world


  • Prayatna is not a mission it’s a revolution !!!
  • Prayatna helps government school students to get familiar with computer and english.
  • Prayatna currently consist of around 30-35 members out of which 10-15 members go for visits turn by turn .
  • Prayatna group has already made visits to about 13 schools and is targeting more.
  • Prayatna has reached and taught around 500 underprivileged students till now.

Faculty Coordinator

Mr. Jigyasu Dubey, Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology

Faculty Incharge

Mr. Gaurav Vinchurkar, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology

Student Team

  • Ms. Vidhi Kasliwal, President, Final Year , C.S.Engineering
  • Mr. Vinay Jariya, Secretory, Final Year , C.S.Engineering
  • Mr. Ashish Singhi, PR Head, Final Year, Civil Engineering
  • Ms. Vartika Yadav, Teaching Head, Final Year , C.S.Engineering
  • Mr. Paridhi Nagar, R & D Head, Final Year , E.I. Engineering
  • Mr. Abhishek Sharma, HR Head, Final Year , Mech. Engineering
  • Apart from this, we have a team of 25 Members working in Prayatna.
  • Govt. Primary School, Malwa Mill, Indore (2017)
  • Govt. High Secondary School, Baroli (2016)
  • Blind school , Mahesh Drishtihen Kalyan Sangh, near Bombay Hospital ( 14 NOV. 2008)
  • Govt. school , Baroli (27 SEPT.,2008)
  • Solsinda primary school(2008)
  • Dharampuri Primary and Middle School(2008)
  • Solsinda Primary School(2008)
  • Middle School,Piplya Sonda(2006-07)
  • Primary School ,Piplya sonda(2006-07)
  • Middle School Kalaria(2006)
  • Primary School Kalaria(2006)
  • Primary School Dharawara(2006)
  • Dharawara Sanskrit Pathshala(2006)