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SVIA works as a collaborative team of academicians and professionals. The first batch of students is reaping the benefits and will be the trendsetters, who will go on to do remarkable and outstanding work in the future. The role of teachers at SVIA is to support and mentor individual students in developing their skills, keep them updated with the developments in the field of architecture, adapting state of art, construction technology and materials and at the same time extracting values from traditions and transforming them in today’s context.

A team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated faculty work together for educating students at SVIA. The teaching pedagogy of SVIA is very intelligible and facile. Faculties at SVIA foster individual interests and abilities of its students. The Faculties also make all attempts to ensure overall development of students. Study tours, site visits, seminars, workshops, out of the classroom learning and learning through experience are part of student’s life as budding architects for overall exposure required in architectural profession which is always being encouraged at SVIA.

Internship in professional offices as a part of curriculum helps students in widening their exposure, Increases their understanding and makes students learn implementation of academics in profession. The teaching program at SVIA focuses on imparting in students understanding of the importance of environment responsive approach to development. Teachers encourage new ideas and focus on developing in students an energy efficient approach for planning and designing spaces.

Utmost care is taken from all the facets to transform architecture students into sensitive, efficient and capable architects as needed by the society.