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Message from Coordinator SVISSHA

The purpose of education is to equip the students with the skills needed to live their life to the optimum, within the surroundings that they find themselves in. In a vibrant and dynamic world, the need is for proactive and dynamic individuals. It is the performance that makes all the difference. To be able to do this students need to have certain dynamism in addition to being multi-faceted. Shri Vaishnav Institute of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SVISSHA) in its offering of programs in the disciplines like Psychology, Sociology, Economics and English Literature helps students precisely to develop these qualities. What distinguishes the programs of SVISSHA from other disciplines is that every student would study subjects across the academic spectrum. Exposure to these diverse fields in a conducive learning environment is what can tune them to community issues, have clear ethical reasoning and take civic engagement responsibly. We are quite confident about our nurturance and intent to envision many future opinion leaders moving out from this Institute.
Dr. Santosh Dhar