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The SVSL, Indore is an institute established by SVVV (Shree Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya) with the object of provides high quality education in the legal domain. It is one of the law institutes in Indore to offer 1 year LL.M. programs. Its innovative & creative educational experiments have set it apart from other law colleges in the city and the region. These law programs have the distinct objective of equipping the students with knowledge, skill & attitude so as to make them capable of successfully meeting the present requirements and future challenges in legal profession.


To educate, and develop the understanding of students related to historical and sociological background of legal system.

To impart legal education so as to acquaint the students with the existing judicial system and to develop an understanding to interpret the legal concepts in correct perspective.

To encourage for developing practical legal application through deep knowledge about the intricacies of law.

To build the capacity of the students in such a manner so that they can raise questions towards the challenges and grey areas of present legal system and suggest the reformations in order to create a new flawless legal disciplined society.

To enhance communication and interpersonal skills for projecting their expression in a right and convincing manner.

To inculcate values & ethics through infusing a sense of personal pride, honesty and integrity.