A Multi-disciplinary International Congress on

Industry 5.0 and Paradigm Shift: Emerging Challenges

(01st - 03rd February 2023)
Organized by Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore 

In association with St. Cloud State University, USA


With immense pleasure, it is informed that Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore under the aegis of Shri Vaishnav Shekshanik Evam Parmarthik Nyas, Indore (M.P.) is organizing a Multi-disciplinary International Congress on Industry 5.0 and Paradigm Shift: Emerging Challenges from 01/02/2023 to 03/02/2023.

Industry 5.0 is the successor of the 'Industry 4.0' concept which employed high technology in the manufacturing industry. Industry 5.0 is a new idea that adds a human touch to the work of robots and smart machines. The basic idea of humans and machines working together is to increase efficiency and effectivity, like the 'Internet of things' (IoT). It aims to merge the increasing cognitive computing abilities of the robots with the intelligence and resourcefulness of the humans. The progress of Industry 5.0 is inevitable. As the technology grows more each day, we find ways to make our work simpler. The development of such technologies to make the world more efficient requires its manufacturers, i.e., humans who collaborate with these machines and technologies. Humans are indispensable resources, as what a machine can do is limited. And with all these efficiencies we have come so for, there is no path leading us back. With adoption of new concepts comes a paradigm shift as development continues and we move from Industry 4.0 which speaks of the "future of production," its primary purpose continues to be achieving seamless connectivity between machines and IT systems for higher productivity and efficiencies across the value chain. Overall, it focuses mainly on traditional financial and operational KPIs. Whereas Industry 5.0 gives a human touch to the concept of 4.0 keeping in mind the well-being of the environment and society, making the machines and humans work together on a path of 'Green Future'. Industry 5.0 has the balance of both humans and technologies which benefits the ecosystem, with discovery of new energy sources and renewable resources, helping in a sustainable working environment. It can be used to reduce harmful residue caused due to manufacturing processes and recycle rare materials. Taking this theme, the multidisciplinary congress on “Industry 5.0 and Paradigm Shift-Emerging Challenges" will highlight research challenges and open issues that should be further developed to realize Industry 5.0. 

Shri Vaishnav Group of Trust Indore is well known charitable organization of the country, for its services and activities for the social upliftment of the people of all classes and walks of life. 132 years ago, in 1884, under the patronage of few enterprising merchants of Cloth Market, Indore, an Educational, Social and Charitable Trust was promulgated as Vishnu Dharmada, which was later in the year 1934, reconstituted as Shri Vaishnav Sahayak Kapda Market Committee. Realizing that education is essential for rapid growth of society and leading a happy life for an individual, the committee established Shri Vaishnav Shekshanik Evam Parmarthik Nyas in the year 1981. Since, its inception, Nyas has been working relentlessly for the upliftment of the society and the country as a whole by providing better technical and professional educational institutes, schools, health centers and other services. Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Trust has sponsored the University to promote, manage and offer professional and vocational education, and to organize personality and other training and development programs. The University imparts higher education in varied disciplines with a view to make the students confident, vibrant, dynamic and competitive worldwide.

Looking forward to your cooperation & contribution for the success of International Congress SANMANTRANA-2023.

Dr. Namit Gupta

Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Architecture,

SVVV, Indore
Chairperson- SANMANTRANA-2023

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